About Unity1 Account

Unity1 is an online based account opening product which allows non accountholders, youths, upward mobile Nigerians and Nigerians in diaspora to access and open a tier 1 account with Unity Bank via our website and on the various Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) mobile banking and internet banking. Unity1 affords prospective customers the opportunity to transact once the account is opened via the various platforms.

Prospective customers by clicking on this link are automatically directed to a page which gives instruction on how a tier 1 account will be set up. An account number is automatically created and sent via SMS and e-mail to the customer within 24hours.

Yes. A customer who successfully opens that account by clicking on the link above can operate a Savings account with Zero opening balance, maximum single deposit of N50,000, maximum account balance of N300,000, access to Mobile banking with daily transaction limit of N30,000 and a Verve Debit Card upon request.

10 Digits. All Unity 1 account numbers are NUBAN account numbers.

Unity1 account is available to any existing customers, prospective customers - students, people in diaspora and salary earners.

There are no documents required to open a Unity 1 account. The account falls under the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Tier 1 KYC requirement.

Because there's no special software to install, you can open a Unity1 account from any computer meeting the system requirements.

Yes. An account number specifically tagged to this account will be assigned to you different from any other existing account you have with the bank.

Account Opening for Unity1

You can open a unity1 account through any of our social media platform, website, mobile banking and internet banking.

One. A Verve Debit card is attached to a Unity1 account upon request and it can be picked up instantly at any Unity bank branch. The cost of card is N1000 only.

The information you provide will be the information registered on our Unity Bank database. It is imperative you provide the correct information as contained in all other documents you possess.

You will be required to input your title, surname, first name, other name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, state, local government area, home address, town, city of residence, country of residence, phone number, email address, BVN, preferred branch location(state), preferred branch domiciliation and a passport picture.

If you have questions, or need assistance during the account opening process, you should contact our Customer care centre on +234 7057323225-30, 09-8734331, 07080666000. You can send a mail to, or visit any Unity Bank branch and relay to the customer service OFFICER (CSO).

The features of A Unity 1 account is limited to a maximum single deposit amount of N50,000, maximum cumulative balance of N300,000, a mobile banking transaction limit of N3,000 and daily limit of N30,000 while International funds transfer is prohibited.

BVN number stands for the acronym bank verification number. The BVN gives a customer a unique identity across the Nigerian banking industry that can be used for easy identification and verification at point of banking operations. It is a CBN requirement for identity management.

Your request will not be honoured. Kindly input the correct BVN number.

Carrying out Transactions using Unity 1 Account

Like any regular account opened at the branch will operate, you can transact easily using your Unity 1 account. However, the limit differs.

Yes. You can begin to operate your Unity1 account immediately after inputting your details online and receiving your account number; no waiting period is necessary.

A Unity1 account can be funded at any time (daily, Weekly, monthly)

A customer can make a maximum single deposit of N50,000, a maximum account balance of N300,000 and access to mobile banking with daily transaction limit of N30,000.

Cash Deposits at any Unity Bank branch, Bank transfers from a Unity Bank account or from any other Nigerian bank.

No amount. A Unity 1 savings account can be opened with a zero balance. However you are required to fund the account to start enjoying the benefits of the account.


Yes. Your Unity 1 savings account is well protected like the regular account opened at any physical branch. Kindly keep your account details safe and do not disclose to a third party.

Your Verve debit card will operate on all channels – ATM, POS and WEB

Once you have opened the account and assigned an account number, each time you make an online purchase using your Verve Debit Card, a Onetime password (OTP) is requested which will be sent to your register phone number with the account. When you correctly enter your OTP, you confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is completed. If the correct code is not supplied as sent to your phone, Unity Bank cannot confirm your identity and the purchase will not be completed. No code, no confirmation, no purchase.

The information you provide is checked against the information that Unity bank has on file. This is done as a security precaution to be sure that the person initiating the transaction is the real cardholder.

No. Cheque cannot be paid into a Unity 1 account and funds can only be withdrawn by customer or authorized signatory.

Yes. A Customer is expected to comply with all rules and regulations issued by the Bank governing the use of electronic banking services which the Bank may from time to time offer, in order to ensure banking convenience.

Yes. Interest will be paid on deposits in customer’s Unity 1 account at the bank’s ruling rates and subject to prevailing conditions.


UNITY Bank according to the agreement is authorized to close the account after 30 days of account opening if not adequately funded.

You will be required to input the correct details as specified on the site. YOU CAN contact our CUSTOMER CARE centre on +234 7057323225-30, 09-8734331, 07080666000. or send a mail to, or visit any Unity Bank branch, relay to the customer service OFFICER (CSO) the message that you received while attempting to open the account.

A customer is expected to safeguard his/her bank details – debit/credit card, other bank instruments, Personal Identification Number(PIN), online banking details and code so that unauthorized persons are unable to gain access to them. The Bank shall not be held liable for any loss, damages etc arising from any of such risks.

A customer is expected to memorize or write down his account number, this information should be safeguarded from a third party. However, the customer can visit any Unity Bank branch; relay to the customer service officer (CSO), the necessary KYC will be conducted before account number will be made available to the customer.

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