Unity1 Account Terms and Conditions

I ……………………………….. (the Data Subject) hereby affirm that in line with the relevant laws on Data Protection in Nigeria, I consent to the collection and processing of my Personal Data/information in the absence of any fraud, duress, undue influence or coercion for the purpose of forming the basis of this banking relationship and other necessary data processing activities which may arise therefrom, including for the performance of the creation of a bank account between myself and Unity Bank Plc. I affirm that I have the requisite capacity under the law to consent to the collection and processing of my Personal Data. I affirm that I am aware and take cognizance of my rights under the relevant Nigeria Data Protection Regulation, 2019 which include the right to request for access, amendment, rectification of my Personal Data/information, the right to lodge complaint with the relevant authority as well as the right to object to the processing of my Personal Data. I further consent to the processing of my Personal Data (within or outside Nigeria), including transfer of my Personal Data to any third party for reasons associated with the purpose for which the data is being processed as stated above, including but not limited to data collection, processing and storage.


I/we hereby indemnify Unity Bank plc in full against any action, claim, proceeding, loss, expense or damages arising howsoever from this account or representations made by me/us in respect of this account or for whatsoever in connection with this account. I/we further confirm that all my dealings in respect of this account shall not be contrary to any subsisting law or regulation in force whether in Nigeria or any other country.